Street Team


So you want to be a Butter Spreader....

We're so glad you can help spread the word about us, our music, and our community!

The Butter Spreader organization is growing, spreading Buttery goodness more thickly and more widely. We are looking for a group of responsible volunteers to help with:
  • hanging posters and passing out handbills in advance of shows
  • distributing sampler CDs at like-minded shows in advance of local Butter appearances
  • talking up Butter online (posting tour dates, discussing our sound, community, values, etc.)
  • keeping ears to the ground about relevant happenings in our communities (collecting information about alternative-fuel events, green organizations, and
    other mutually beneficial events that might like to team up with Butter)
  • communicating with other Butter Spreaders about specific radio programs, newspaper columns, and other media that might be psyched to learn more about Butter
  • requesting that local radio stations and venues showcase MORE BUTTER
Besides the warm and fuzzy feeling you'll get from helping a band and community
you've grown to love, we can offer a limited number of free tickets and other goodies to those who spread the Butter most thickly.

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